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Welcome to Referral Worthy, the podcast where we explore what it takes to become the go-to service provider in your niche. Join Dusti Arab, Fractional CMO and marketing strategist, as she guides you from “best-kept secret” to booked solid.

Join Dusti as she sits down with some of today’s most innovative and inspiring business owners as we discover what it takes to build a business that’s not only worth talking about but also delivers exceptional client experiences and outcomes. 

With a refreshing departure from trends, bro-marketing, and hustle culture, Referral Worthy focuses on creating a strengths-based, sustainable approach tailored for creative service providers who want to make bank and find fulfillment in their work.

The podcast aims to help small business owners break free from the feast and famine cycle, offering actionable tips to make your business thrive, all while challenging the notion that growth at all costs is the only definition of success. Join Dusti on the journey to discover how to make your business truly Referral Worthy and achieve lasting success.

Referral Worthy is hosted by Dusti Arab, Fractional CMO and marketing strategist. She's the founder of the reinvention co, a marketing consultancy for personality-driven companies with big online presences and small teams. Learn more at

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