Working with Dusti was one of the best business decisions that I made in 2022.  I was previously operating as a fly by the seat of my pants, “I can do it all myself” small business owner.

Dusti has transformed me into an organized, focused entrepreneur with a kickass marketing plan.  She helped me see where I had blind spots in my business and where I had opportunities for growth.  She has also helped me get systems and automation in place, so I am working smarter and more efficiently.

She’s an intelligent, straight shooter who can easily toggle from helping with high level strategy to hands-on tactics.  Working with Dusti was a game changer.

Annie Long Sullivan, Founder, 

Some of the best money I’ve spent this year! I came out of our strategy session with a new marketing channel and a way to make it work for me – especially with my ADHD. 

Daniela LaFave

I worked with Dusti and her team for a VIP day to support what I had started doing in Kajabi. I knew using that platform was going to be taking on a lot but wasn’t sure who I’d need to bring in or how they’d support me.  

After seeing another business owner, who’s work I’ve learned from and trust, share that she’d worked with Dusti, I reached out hoping Dusti might be the one for me. After a call and learning more about my business and pain points, Dusti suggested we do a VIP (which wasn’t what I was thinking of originally). 

I’d never done one before and was open and curious about it. I felt that she understood my business, it’s limitations, my and my team’s capacity and our goals in such a way that I was confident, relaxed and excited to dive into the VIP day with her.   

I really appreciated how the day was organized and set up for me and my team to make the most of Dusti’s expertise, keeping track of both short term things to implement and bigger picture goals. And of course, more questions came up in the weeks following that one day, so having the option to circle back and get clarity on things has been invaluable.   This was a major milestone for me to invest in my business in such a way and I’m so glad I did it with Dusti and her team. Definitely a high value add.   

Fleur Larsen, 

She will deliver and deliver big time.

Working with Dusti is one of the most seamless and effective things I do in my business. In part, it’s that her work is top-notch and wildly effective. It’s also that she will deliver, and deliver big time. But the thing that has me place my reputation and body of work in her capable hands is that she gets me and I trust her.

Dusti understands the nuances of my work, the uniqueness of my voice, and shares my passion in getting my message out and heard. She believes in it and therefore, in me. And when you hire someone to support you, you dang-well want to be sure they believe in you and that you’re not just a deposit into the bank.

And my trust? She has all my passwords. Not that that is my highest measure, but that I don’t even have to think twice about that. Dusti operates from her values. Her boundaries (which you might suspect is a wildly important thing for me) engender my trust, speak to the essence of who she is, and have me know I can count on her no matter what. And I do.

I almost don’t want to tell you about her and to keep her this incredible secret… but I’m made of different stuff. Many of us need her to carry our vision whether it’s minor tech support, to creating a masterpiece. I know, without a doubt, that if she’s in the passenger seat, good things are going to happen and they’ll happen with integrity, professionalism, and a whopping dose of love.

She’s quite dear to me and no doubt, in working with her, you’ll come to see why. From all of my heart, woman, thank you, Dusti.

Randi Buckley,

She kept me on track.

I had gotten to a place in my business where I had completely outgrown my website, my brand all of it. I had made the choice to just get out there and do the damn thing – which was awesome – but now my business is scaling massively and I needed a brand, a website, and positioning to match that growth.

Working with the reinvention co was incredible. Dusti immediately understood the elements I needed to help elevate my brand on the outside. She asked the questions I didn’t even know I needed to answer. She helped me find the creative direction that felt like me, but not just the current me, the me who is running her future business.

She kept me on track and was, and continues to be, someone I trust to ask questions to. She is brilliant with what she does, is quick to deliver and available to answer questions and fix problems along the way.

I appreciate her strategy for helping me get my stuff out into the world. She just gets me and my vision and is like “yup no problem, we can do that” – and having someone understand you, see you and ready to get your brilliance out in the world is priceless. 

Danielle Savory,

Thank you so much for the session last week. I’ve actually just gone through the recording again and made additional notes. I’m now super clear on next steps and how to make this transition. It was really helpful to be able to talk through all my thoughts and ideas with you.

Peju Lasaki

Dusti Arab changed my life.

Nobody does it alone. She changed the trajectory of my business and my life, taking me from $120 in my PayPal to six-figure launches.  She is sharp and sassy. She is young and savvy. She stepped up and took over in those areas that were keeping me stuck at the gate. She allowed me to be ME.

On days when I doubted, she worked and put the results in front of me. Doubt demolished. Limits released.There are moments when you look back and say, “I’m so glad I asked. I’m so glad she said, ‘Yes’.” Her title: my Dream Girl, my Social Media Fairy, my Tech T-Rex. That’s how she’s still labeled on my phone. 🤣🤣🤣

Dusti Arab changed my life, and I mean it. She taught me to lead, to embrace our next Power Hour… Because she can do a full day in like 90 minutes. And I’m still learning to keep up. Why are you waiting? That next teammate, that perfect support person, that partner in all things possible is OUT THERE. Will you be brave enough to ask? 

Tiffany Noel Taylor,

I have been stalling on hiring a coach for my wee copy business, as I didn’t really think I was enough of a grown-up in my field to hire one. One hour of chatting with Dusti, and I know that not only am I capable of wearing my big girl panties but that others are actually looking for me — specifically me — to be their adultier adult as they learn to write their own copy.

One frigging hour gave me more clarity into what direction I need to lean into than the past 3 years of floundering in the freelancing waters. Hire her. Give her your money. She’s worth every penny.


Jessica Lemmons,

For years, I’ve resisted bringing a copywriter on board, and yet with the rate of growth of our company, I knew I needed help. I don’t trust the words of our brand with just anybody, but my gut told me that Dusti was someone that could be trusted. Always listen to your gut! Not only did Dusti capture the essence of French Kiss Life right out of the gate, but she did it with such professionialism. If you’re looking for a word magician, look no further.  Dusti has the wand!

Tonya Leigh,


Hiring Dusti was a life saver! In the past, I had created three online courses myself, so I knew firsthand how much work it would be to get a top notch, scalable offering off the ground. Initially, I was concerned about getting a return on this sort of investment in my business, but it was well worth it! From the consulting around pricing and marketing to the copywriting and design to the technical implementation, the Reinvention Co was professional, responsive, and detail-oriented in their execution. Thanks to Dusti and her team, I now have a lucrative program that speaks directly to the people I want to attract and reflects the essence of my unique offering.


Jen Berlingo.

So much changed in only six weeks! I’d reached a place in my life and business where I knew that before I could expand in any way I needed to ask for help. After years of incremental growth, I’d suddenly become stuck, afraid to invest any more time or money in what I was currently doing, and afraid to approach the new ideas that were simmering in the background.

More importantly, I needed some systems in place to add structure so that I could be more focused and thus more productive. I’m so glad that I went outside of my comfort zone and chose to invest in Dusti’s group coaching program. So much changed in only 6 weeks! I’d reached a place in my life and business where I knew that before I could expand in any way I needed to ask for help.

Most importantly, I became a legally legit business for the first time in almost 6 years. I established an LLC and a business bank account in my new state of residence which was a huge deal. I realized that not being set up to take on exponential growth and money from clients was one of the major reasons I was so hesitant to push forward in my business.

Dusti helped me outline my services and offerings so that I could build tiers that would allow me to continue doing the work I was doing, but also create a path to more profitable offerings. Her live calls were full of actionable steps that I could implement right away and the video of her showing how she creates content completely changed how I approached marketing for my business.

Working with Dusti in her group coaching program showed me that with the right kind of help, my business is capable of becoming what I’ve always envisioned it could be. She also lit a fire under my ass to get the important systems and structures in place so that I could focus on making money and doing the kind of work that excites me.


Alisha Sommer,


Like many small businesses, when the pandemic hit, I knew I had to pivot and get my material online. As a clinician, teacher, and professional speaker, I had the content but not the true tech know-how to make the transition happen. I reached out to a few people to help me with my vision and Dusti stood out big time.

After discussing my project goals, I knew Dusti and her team were IT! They helped me with every aspect of creating an amazing collection of digital teaching material that continues to receive rave reviews. I am so happy that Dusti and the reinvention co understood my vision. Working with them was a phenomenal experience and an excellent business decision.

– Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC, RLC Founder of Luna Lacation

You know that moment when you don’t have to work too hard to be heard, seen, and understood?

That’s what working with Dusti is like.

A good-hearted shepherdess, safely opening up the word garden of our soul and helping you tend to it.

Yeah, that’s her magic.

Annie P. Kirk, CEO, Red Bird Restorative Gardens

Have you ever wished that you could sit side-by-side with someone who knows the ins and outs of email marketing, website design, social media campaigns, lead magnets, and sales funnels, have them quickly identify what needs to be done, and then actually have them do it, all while checking in with you to make sure it’s all working like you need and want it to? Yes? Dusti is your woman.

She helped me identify a strong lead magnet, create the sales funnel, write some amazing autoresponder copy, tweak some stuff on my website, and bam, we were done. And my list is growing. And I am grateful.

Karen C. L. Anderson,  Author, The Peaceful Daughter’s Guide To Separating From A Difficult Mother

Hiring Dusti was one of the best business decisions I‘ve made recently. She immediately understood my vision, quickly recognized where and how her expertise could help, and then executed a plan flawlessly.

She has increased the efficiency of my business, creating more space for me to focus on the work I love. As a business owner, finding someone you can communicate well with and you can trust with your business is so important. And the peace of mind that comes along with that is invaluable. Dusti has given my business all of that and more.

Mary Ward Lupinacci, Founder, Be Still Kids

Dusti always went above and beyond.  She always knew exactly how to articulate what I was trying to say, and hold a sacred container for my very overloaded business owner brain. I was never made to feel like I was asking too many questions, or offering too many ‘brain dumps’ for things I wanted to do. 

Now, let’s talk about the entire team. Everything from kindness, to humour, to being treated like a VIP, I have all positive things to say about the reinvention co team.  It was an incredible experience knowing that there were a group of folks behind the scenes all with their individual responsibilities, and putting effort into my project.  Such a weight was lifted as we moved through a few tricky (for me) parts, and I felt fully supported at all times. 

There was always clear direction, helpful feedback and support. No stones were left unturned as I moved through various ideas and plans.  Most importantly I think it’s important to mention that working with a group who clearly has built their business on ethics, integrity and transparency brought forward an experience I didn’t know I needed, until I lived it. 

Finally, not even in the depths of my imagination could I have ever dreamed up a better group of people to work with. A team that brings an abundance of intelligence, quality, attention to detail and of course sparkly magic.

Heather Tobin,