One Day. One Clear Way Forward.

You’ve built an amazing business your clients rave about. They love referring other folks to you.

The only problem is, those referrals aren’t always consistent – which means your cashflow isn’t either.

You already know the answer is marketing, but more than that? You know it’s time for more than some haphazard social media posts and the occasional email out to your (let’s be honest) mostly dead list.

You want to create momentum you can actually maintain.

Mostly? You’re ready to not be everyone’s best kept secret anymore.

You’re ready to catch fire.

I can help.

With over a decade of experience across B2B, B2C, and every B in between, I specialize in helping personality-driven brands – that’s you – tap into your star power.

Star power doesn’t come from playing into some guru’s dried up, been there done that method. It’s forged in the fires of what lights us up, what keeps us up at night, and what we do better than anybody else. And that’s the perfect place to start with your marketing – your strengths.

Pitch perfect positioning doesn’t happen when you’re dreading sitting down at your desk to write social media updates. Messaging that makes your clients swoon? That’s made in the moments you’re not just in your element – you’re on fire.

And in one day, we can bottle that fire up and turn it into the most powerful marketing strategy you’ve ever touched.


Catching Fire is a VIP day experience for mission-driven brands ready to turn their star power into staying power.

Here’s how it works.

We’ll meet during the day over 3 sessions, with breaks in between for lunch + working through our action items, with each session serving a particularly spicy outcome.

Set The Stage

Figure out exactly what’s working, what’s not, and why. Between onboarding and the end of our first session, we’ll audit what you’ve done so far to get the insight we need to create a rock solid strategy.

Strike A Match

No two businesses are exactly the same, and no two marketing plans should be either. We’ll design a strengths-based strategy that sets your heart aflame.

Light It Up

What’s the next bold+brilliant choice to set your marketing on fire? We’ll get your action steps dialed so you can do it or delegate it. (Champagne toast optional.)

Curious what you’ll leave with?

Every Catching Fire VIP Day is an experience customized to get you your most-coveted marketing materials. Your day could include…

  • Planning your pivot from serving your old audience into a more refined niche
  • A strengths-based social media strategy – and burning down your newsletter
  • An ADHD-proof marketing plan
  • Discovering how to bridge the gap between your existing offers
  • Falling back in love with talking about what you do
  • Identify content repurposing opportunities

It’s time to make a power play.

I only work with the most committed and aligned clients. Let’s make sure we fit like a glove and make some magic with your marketing.