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the reinvention co is a marketing consultancy run by me – Dusti Arab – your Portland Fractional CMO and marketing strategist-in-chief.

Since 2011, my career has given me the opportunity to work with business owners across many different industries, and that breadth of experiences has shown me one thing again and again.

A good story is worth way more than an outdated, “proven” method from some marketing guru. 

It’s my job to find the universal threads running through a brand and weave them into a masterful strategy for you and your team to implement. 

The truth is, I can talk tactics all day with you. I’ve done it all, from ads to copy to hiring the team to execute it all. The magic happens when we go deeper, tap into the stories behind what your audience most craves, and co-create something rooted in your truth.

(That said, I promise not to ask you about your “why”. I’d rather have a useful conversation.)

Working with me is intense, fun, and relentlessly practical.

I’ve been described as a human razor blade. Hyperdiscernment is my superpower, and it lets me cut through the noise and nonsense. 

What we’re left with?

  • The purest expression of what you do so you can speak in a way your audience understands
  • Marketing strategy that’s as supportive of you as it is your business
  • A punchlist you’ll actually get through, versus a meaningless list of to-do’s

Areas + Industries I have deep knowledge and experience working in: Self-help and productivity, SAAS tech companies, social media, copywriting, course creation, traditional and self-pub book marketing, international and domestic virtual assistant staffing firms

Stats for the curious:

  • Enneagram 4w3
  • Human Design Projector, Splenic Authority
  • Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising

What I’m Doing Now:

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