reinvent(ed) one day

 So what IS working?

It’s the million dollar question in marketing, and the question all my clients come to me with.

If you’ve been in business for a minute, you’ve lived through a trend or ten in the online marketing space.

Cheap Facebook ads. (Hell, being able to simply post the right organic content on Facebook and fill a program!) Clubhouse. (Lolz.) Easy audience building on Instagram.

And the truth is, none of that’s really working anymore.

Of course, you already knew that, and that’s probably why you’re here.

Many of us are feeling like we’re at the mercy of the algorithm. Even MORE of us are thinking, “Do I really have to dance on a video to get people’s attention?” OMFG I DON’T WANNA DO SHORT-FORM VIDEO. It feels like just one more thing.

Between inflation, changes to privacy laws and tracking, a potential impending recession, and oh, you know, that little pandemic thing that’s still raging on in the background?

Things are BANANAS out there, but no matter what you attribute the chaos to, you are feeling the results of it.

Less eyeballs on your offers. Less revenue in your business.

Ready to do something about it?

Join me – Dusti Arab – and an incredible line-up of speakers for a one-day marketing workshop to set you up for an organized and profitable new year.

Come spend a day learning what strategies and tactics are working for small business owners right now – and what will be on trend and impactful in 2023.

Leave with a fully-fleshed out marketing plan for the first 90 days of 2023 (and the broad strokes for the rest of the year) + inspired by the possibilities of what’s possible.

Why Reinvent(ed)?

  • Create your 2023 marketing plan (instead of scrambling to launch right after the holidays)
  • Hear from guest experts on the latest trends in marketing and leave with some actual collateral (that’s right, you’re gonna be generating content, too)
  • Get inspired by stories of folks making it work when shit goes sideways
  • Go behind the scenes of businesses who’ve made major pivots, and learn from their mistakes (and successes – but trust me, some of us have absolutely ridden the failure train this year)

One day is enough to make some serious magic. Join us?

Reinvent(ed): a one-day marketing workshop

December 9th, 2022

8:00am PST – 3:30pm PST

Tickets: 497 

Who am I? I’m Dusti, a Fractional CMO + Marketing Expert whose clients are still generating leads, successfully nurturing them, and running ads that actually convert.

(I am also a smart ass.)

Jokes aside, I’ve been working in the online space since 2011, starting as a copywriter, climbing the corporate ladder to VP of marketing, and eventually bringing my C-suite marketing skills back to the world of small business.

At the end of 2021, I made a huge decision – to completely change my business model after my highest grossing year in business ever. 

On paper, things looked great. The reality was that it was making me miserable. Plus, I was trying to get pregnant. My business wasn’t in a place where it could run without me. Something had to change – and by something, I mean basically everything.

I went from being the CEO of a course creation agency with 10 folks working for me to a one-woman consulting shop. I simplified everything down to the heart of what I do, and what I was left with was my signature framework – a strengths-based methodology for creating a marketing strategy you’ll actually use.

Everything clicked. I started running VIP days and offering ongoing support. I ran my first retreat in NYC. And my clients? They’ve been seeing the results I always knew were possible.

But I’m not the only one you’ll be hearing from during the workshop.


Reinvent(ed) Speaker Line-Up

Jacqueline Paumier

How to pivot your copy for that new new in 2023 (when you’re calling in a new ideal client in the new year)

Anya Parker-Lentz

How to blow up your reach using Reels, without watering yourself down (or burning yourself out)

Veronica Yanhs

How Orgasmic Operations make your sales and marketing soar

Hillary Weiss Presswood

How to Position Yourself Like a Mind-Reader

Lydia Kitts

Lydia Kitts
Is your website leaking leads? How to find out – and fix it fast.

Chloé Nwangwu

Visibility Impact: the secret to being noticed, without being everywhere

These brilliant folks are bringing you the best in small business marketing today.

Who’s Reinvent(ed) for?

  • Small business owners who want to start 2023 with a strong strategic marketing plan
  • Anyone who’s wanted to do a VIP Day with me but it’s felt financially out of reach (we’re literally covering everything I do in session)
  • Anyone interested in learning how to do Reels for Business (or short-form video in general)
  • Anyone who just scoffed and rolled their eyes at the last point (I swear, Anya is going to change your mind because she changed mine.)

What you’ll walk away with

  • A strategic marketing plan for your business for 2023, crafted with my proven blueprint + editorial planner.
  • Short videos you can use for Reels, TikTok, etc. right now. (Like, literally the same day.)
  • A content plan you’ll actually commit to.

Join us, get your marketing plan done and dusted, and get inspired for 2023.

What to expect

First off, there’s a reason this isn’t called a summit. It isn’t one. It’s a marketing workshop where you’ll be walking with deliverables you can use all year long.

Throughout the day, you’ll have opportunities to ask speakers questions, engage with fellow business owners in the chat, and get real-time support so you can get the absolute most of the workshop. 

I know how valuable your time is, and asking you to set aside an entire day is no small thing. Frankly? It better damn well be worth it (especially on a Friday). 

Here’s what I can promise.

My methodology is significantly different than many marketing strategists – no bro-hard tactics, no making you do shit you don’t wanna do, no mean girl nonsense about how you just didn’t try hard enough.

I believe in a strengths-based approach that centers you as the small business owner, so often the face of your business. Meaning? I’m more interested in finding and amplifying where you shine than trying to build in a way that isn’t you. As a result, none of my marketing plans or campaigns ever look the same, because they are unique as you are.

I also believe in feeling good first. It’s hard enough to be in business without sacrificing your body and wellbeing. I may ask you to try new things that feel momentarily uncomfortable, but I’m never going to ask you go all in on tactics that feel gross to you.

If you come with an open mind and an offer, you’ll leave with a marketing plan you can hit the ground running with.

(Not to mention new hard skills, like how to make Reels without hating it, how to create campaigns, how to pivot your copy, etc.)

One day is worth your time.

Reinvent(ed): a one-day marketing workshop

December 9th, 2022

8:00am PST – 3:30pm PST