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Ready to spread the word? Let's go.

How it works:

If you love our curriculum as much as we do... share it with your friends and community!

Affiliates get paid 25% of qualifying program purchases.

Let's do some fun math:

If you write a blog post about the Referral Worthy program ($497) and 3 people come to our site and buy the program, you'll get a $372.75 payout.

This is one of those situations where it pays to share!

- Overview -

Commission Rate: 25% of purchase price

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Credit: To last affiliate

Payout Frequency: First Tuesday of Quarter

Delivery: via Paypal

Refund: No payout if refunded

-how it works-

There are two ways you can become an affiliate:

  1. Register to be an affiliate here.
  2. Purchase our programs and become an affiliate.

Affiliates do not have to buy our programs to become an affiliate.  We know some of you are passionate online business owners sharing relevant programs with clients and friends.

Start sharing your link with others.

We've seen links shared in so many creative ways:

  • A simple post on social media
  • By email to a friend or an audience
  • Writing a blog post
  • Directly with friends looking to grow their business through referrals
  • In social media comments/groups

- Register -

We love our affiliates. We can't wait to have your help getting our programs into the hands and hearts of entrepreneurs around the world!

Register below. Payment email should be the email linked to your Paypal account. At this time we can only do payouts via Paypal. By registering you are agreeing to our rates and terms.

-What Works-

The largest payouts come from these two places:

  1. Facebook Groups
  2. Email Marketing

When you see a friend seeking a solution to their marketing woes that matches ours, recommend us using your custom affiliate link!

These are people that are actively asking how to fix their cash flow or lead generation problem - it can be new business owners OR established industry professionals. If they're asking, they're more likely to buy our programs, which means you're more likely to get a payout.

Do This:

✅ Share your personal experience with the program

✅ Make posts showing how you get/give referrals

✅ Truthfully share how you've changed your process to build an experience that gets referrals

✅ Recommend a list of programs that helps entrepreneurs marketing their business (this one included)

Not This:

❌ Spam Facebook groups with your link (nobody likes that and you'll get yourself banned)

❌ Tell people they'll get a discount with your code

❌ Fail to tell someone that your link is an affiliate link (check out this info/law)

❌ Recommend the program to someone on Mars 😉