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Leaving Life Coaching for Therapy with Thais Sky

Leaving Life Coaching for Therapy with Thais Sky

In this episode of Referral Worthy, Dusti is joined by Thais Sky, a former life coach who has transitioned into the world of therapy. Thais discusses what led her from the realms of coaching and being deeply influenced by the wellness community to pursuing a more structured path in psychotherapy. She elaborates on the challenges…

Fiona Wong, Season One, Episode Three, Embracing Human Design

Embracing Human Design with Fiona Wong

Have you considered using quantum physics to get you Referral Worthy? You will after listening to this episode. In this episode, join Dusti as she speaks with Fiona Wong, the creator, writer, and Human Design reader behind The Wild Pixel. Human Design is a technique based on quantum physics, astrology, Kabbalah, I’Ching, Myers-Briggs, that helps…