We know you truly love what you do... 

But after the last couple of wild years? 


You’re somewhere between “maybe a little bored” and “burn it all down???”


You know you want Q4 of 2022 and Q1 of 2023 (and beyond) to be different. 

The only question is: HOW? 

We’ve got you. Read on.

[Note: If you enroll in Fun Factor by 8/29, we’ve got a very special bonus for you. More below!]



Oh haiii online biz owner -- creative service provider, coach, consultant, speaker, Maker of Magic and Dreamer of Dreams. 

We suspect we know where you’re standing right now.

You’ve got a solid brand and business model. Your offers are working overall, even if the future’s a little hazy, and you know your stuff backwards and forwards… but it’s losing a bit of its luster.

Maybe you’re getting a little sick of your “same ol’ same ol” positioning and marketing message, and want to pump the volume back up -- AND focus on what’s working now when it comes to promoting your stuff. 

Maybe you’re burning yourself out on your current offers, and want to cut the fat and focus JUST on the stuff you love most… and honestly? You’d love for your team (even if it’s just a VA) to take some stuff off your plate, too.

Maybe you’ve got something incredible you want to achieve in 2023, or a major shift you want to make, and need to start steering the ship in that direction. 

But above all?

You wanna feel alive and in love with your business again -- so whatever the next 12 months have in store (and with the rate we’re going, it’s bound to be something)? 

You’ll be having a damn fine time, every step of the way.

Ooooh, we love the sound of that.

You’re ready to plug back into the high-voltage energy you feel when you’re wildly excited about your work, your marketing, and the way you and your brand show up.

Because when you’re feeling like a burned-out Betty who’s also bored to death? Your folks can kiiinda tell -- and it makes selling that much harder.

You’re established enough to know how important marketing is. You're not “bad” at marketing. 

You're just not having a good time the way you used to. 

And damn, if it isn't hard to sell when you're feeling apathetic.

So what do you do when you’ve hit a bit of a “blah” wall with your business?


You find your village, fly your freak flag and have some gawd damn fun.


Because finding your fun again is a jolt of energy. 

Fun unlocks new ways of seeing and being when it comes to your work, your positioning, marketing, messaging, and so much more.

And if you’re not sure what the future’s bringing? You might as well have as good a time as possible riding the wave. 

We’re with you. Let’s go.


Introducing: Fun Factor 

A two-day VIP retreat experience with Dusti Arab and Hillary Weiss, for women who want to make bank in 2023, and make it fun the whole ride.

Let’s set the scene: It’s a gorgeous October in NYC -- early fall when it’s still warm enough to rock your trendiest ‘fits, but the leaves are juuuust starting to change. 

You hop a flight, leaving distractions (and the kids, ahem) and the cares of day to day life behind, to join Dusti Arab and Hillary Weiss for two days in an absurdly beautiful space in one of the hippest, artsiest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, East Williamsburg.

Our goal? To take stock of where you want to take the business, and work through how we can make everything more fun -- and a watertight plan to market and sell the hell out of this new direction. 

Just get yourself there and book a place to stay, and we’ll take care of everything else. Chef-prepared meals, entertainment on evening’s out, the works, dahling!

On day 1, we’ll start with your positioning -- taking a magnifying glass to where you are, where you want to be, who you want to serve, the kind of stories you love to tell, and what  really works in your offers. 

Then on day 2, you’ll shape a marketing plan to deploy the whole dang thing in Q4 or 2022/Q1 of 2023.

And in between, we’re planning cocktail gatherings, an artsy excursion, delightful dinners, and so much more!



Okay, fun is cool and all, but gimme the nitty gritty. What am I working on while we hang?

Glad you asked. Here's a peek at the curriculum of the event. You're gonna have to wait for the after hours details, though. ;) 

Day One Itinerary

You've been in business for awhile now, and as much as you love what you do, something's gotta give if you're going to keep loving it.

Today, Hillary will guide you through her proprietary positioning process, reviewing your brand + signature offer(s) as it stands today, get clarity on what's working (and what isn't) and why, and rework your positioning so it fits where you're at in your business today -- and where you’re gonna have the most freakin’ fun.

More details of what we'll cover:

  • What's your fun persona? (And how does it help you make bank)
  • The Perfect Promise - How to craft the most FUN, joyful promise for your people
  • Stories + Strategic Messaging: Developing your positioning and REAL differentiators (and it's not what you think)

Day 1 deliverable: your very own can’t-stop-peeking-at-it Positioning Guide, modeled after the one Hillary creates for every VIP client.

And by night? We'll live it up in NYC like locals courtesy of our phenom inside guide, Hillary.

Day Two Itinerary

You know what you're selling. Now how exactly are you going to sell it out without burning out?

Today, Dusti takes the lead and guides you through the creation of a strategic marketing plan as exciting as your offer, complete with a detailed roadmap to help you hand off parts of the project and give real ownership of it to your team.

More details of what we'll cover:

  • Set the Stage - Creating the time + space to get your launch dialed
  • Strike a Match - How to get guerilla with your marketing and be absolutely unforgettable
  • Light it Up - Get your plan on paper + and commit to your calendar for a flawless launch season

Today's deliverable is your 2023 Q1 Marketing Plan + Metrics Tracker, modeled after the one Dusti creates for every VIP client.

And by night? You’ll be taken out for a delightful unique-to-NYC experience you simply can’t get anywhere else.

By the end of the retreat, you'll walk away with a fresh perspective on your offer, the updates needed to make it more fun and funky, and a marketing plan you'll enjoy implementing, designed to fill it.



Plus - a BONUS virtual “Day 3” of the retreat if you enroll by 8/29

Within 30 days of our retreat, we’ll get the gang back together for a virtual co-working and Q&A half-day session -- ONLY for our early birds. 

At this point, you’ll have had a chance to share the new messaging and shake the dust off the ol' fun-feels, so at this point? It’ll be time to check in, share feedback, and hone your momentum. 

In this part get-it-done, part gimme-clarity experience, you’ll plug back into your Fun Factor sisterhood to share your progress so far, anywhere you’re getting stuck, and make any refining tweaks to your positioning and marketing plan. 

And OF COURSE, we’ll have surprises planned too. (This is Fun Factor, after all!)


Sound groovy? Here are the investment details:

Fun Factor




Fun Factor


3 monthly payments


Fun Factor


5 monthly payments


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