You get the download from the universe that makes you stop, drop, and capture that ish before it disappears, and you think…


This is the offer that could change EVERYTHING.

You’re thrilled at the thought of what your prospects are going to say when they see this, and you’ve got to get it to them stat.
And now, it’s time to write your sales page.

I know. You just want to do that thang you do, and having to sit down and write it down so you can sell it is kiiind of a buzzkill. Writing killer copy is hard. (That’s why great copywriters cost an arm and a leg.)

Before long, you’re staring at the blinking cursor, and you’re pretty sure it’s basically mocking you? You don’t know where to start, and frankly, this sucks.

You have your OWN magic-tastic thing you do and also you are not a copywriter.

Even if you knew what to write, would it be in the right order?

How would you know it would even work?

How do you know how long to pick at those pain points?

Good copywriters will tell you the goal of each line…

….is to get you to read the next line. JUST LIKE THAT. But how do you know the best way to assemble a sales page that converts?


Writing a sales page shouldn’t feel like putting together IKEA furniture.

You don’t want to launch it and find out you were missing some screws. You want to know you’ve got everything you need exactly where it belongs.

And it isn’t enough for it to work. You want it to work well.

After all, you don’t want just any sales page. You want a bomb ass sales page that converts like hot damn.

You need a cheat sheet, and from someone who knows what the fuck they are doing.
You need help, advice from the copy sages!

Need a Bangin’ Sales Page Template.

It’s the fastest way to build a sales page so you don’t have to guess what goes where.

Picture this. 

You’re sitting at your desk, your new offer has been downloaded from the universe into your brain.

You are vibrating with anticipation for all the goodness you are going to bring into the world.

The excitement is palpable. All you have to do is write the sales page and spoon feed it to your hungry audience who are already clutching their wallets to fish out their credit cards and pay you.

Instead of sweating, you whip out your sales page template with confidence.

You follow the instructions exactly. It’s like a paint by numbers, but you know, for your massively important sales message.

You mix up all the ingredients for a fabulous sales page and bake it all together with enthusiasm, love, and unicorn glitter.

People love unicorn glitter. They eat that shit up. And they are gonna love your offer, too. You know why?

Because you used our tried and true sales page.
I’m Dusti Arab

and I’ve been in marketing forever and a day in internet time. That’s like regular time, but it has more cat videos.

I’ve been working with coaches and creative service providers online now for 10 years to help them build brands and businesses with lasting power. Having partnered with everyone from New York Times bestselling authors, to your favorite cafe down the road, to the latest up and comer out of Silicon Valley, I’ve helped each of these brands accomplish exactly what it is you want to now – an amazing, totally YOU sales page that converts like gangbusters.

What Makes This Template Different?


This sales page template has generated millions of dollars in revenue across multiple industries because while your voice and approach might be different, the principles of smart selling are always the same. It’s the same template I use for everyone from brand spanking new life coaches launching their first offer to established business owners working a six-figure launch.


As the former copywriter for a leading software company, a major part of my job was to analyze the latest psychology studies, books, and strategies to show other marketers how to improve sales page conversion rates. I took the best of everything I learned there and packaged into this effective, step by step guide.


I don’t believe in using the gross, bro-hard tactics that get sales that leave you feeling slimy. Also? My content is 100% original – you’re not going to find any half-baked, rehashed versions of someone else’s content here because mine’s better, and I’m not a plagiarizing piece of shit. #Sorrynotsorry

But seriously, I’ve done all the research about what makes people tick. I’ve perfected my sales page game building them in a day (yes really) for the last five years, not to mention creating them for everything from services to sex toys, and I know what works.

I could do it for you, but I bet you would rather do it yourself. Save some money, get a mani pedi and bottle service, and fly somewhere sunny and gorgeous when you celebrate your big success.

You do you, boo.

But first… Get your sales page template. You’ve got a world to wow.

And that’s our compelling call to action that will lead you to click the buy button because if you’re still reading this, you know passing on this would be ridic.

We built this sales page to perfection because we know what you want and we know we have it. Now it’s your turn. You bring the unicorn glitter. I’ve got the sales template. Let’s do this!

What you get:

  • Sales page template + playbook to help you write a clickworthy page
  • 4 ALL NEW videos reviewing sales pages we’ve helped create here at the reinvention co

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