ready to create your
own first course.

(You think.)

You’re an expert in your field.

(More or less.) You love the idea of passive income. (Who doesn’t?) You’re ready to move from a one-to-one to one-to-many model. (Hell yeah!) 

There’s just one problem.

You have no fucking idea what that first course should be.

You’ve got a million passions. You have ideas faster than you can act on them, and so what usually happens is you get REALLY FUCKING EXCITED because (insert name of thing) is the SHIT and you KNOW it’s going to be fucking epic. You go into your creative hole and work on the thing, because you are going to change some lives with this ish.

*three days pass*

Okay, so like you got HALFWAY through writing the sales page, started building it out on your site (since you do all of these things yourself basically) and then you hit a tech issue, talked about the idea to a half dozen people on Facebook, tried to go back to it but you needed a snack, and now you’re tired, and well… now you’re wondering if it was ACTUALLY the thing.
Was it just like… a really good hookup? (But they probably had loads of unresolved trauma, so you dodged a bullet?)
Or was it… The One? (And are you gonna regret your fear of commitment for the rest of your life?)
It’s hard to know for sure, because god knows you never finish this shit.  OUCH. Harsh, right? Inner critics are the worst. But hey, whomp whomp, because another GOLDEN idea bites the dust and sits half-finished covered in dust on your hard drive because you can’t finish what you start, and now no one benefits from what you have to offer.   But also… you’re kind of grateful because you’re low-key afraid to finish anything because then you might get pigeon-holed and have to do the ONE THING forever. 
let’s open a bottle of rosé, and CHILL for two seconds  -because we can fix this.

  (Yes, really.)

I’m a business coach + marketer du jour specializing in bringing personality-driven brands online. My company, the reinvention co, is in the business of building beautiful sites with killer copy every day. And when a coach or other service provider comes to us with a brilliant idea for a course, well, that’s when we really get excited. 


Because when I help my clients build and launch their courses, we make BANK. (7 figs plus and counting!) I’m kind of like a course doula. (On second thought, please don’t call me that.)

Bad metaphors aside, I can help you sort through your bullshit and create a course that makes the impact (and the dolla dolla bills) you mean to. 


Build your first course in 4 weeks flat

In just four weeks, we’ll:

  • Figure out EXACTLY what your flagship course should be (and map out the rest of your funnel)
  • Steal and implement my one-page branding BLUEPRINT for branding yourself in a page or less so you never have to second guess your design and copy choices ever again 
  • Explore your tech options for running a course online WITHOUT getting overwhelmed
  • Figure out how to format your course content in a way that works for participants
True story: you probably have a couple of courses in you.

It’s true. You’re brilliant! You contain multitudes. And now? We’re going to make a subset of those multitudes profitable, because you’re a bad bitch who needs consistent funds, amiright? 

Here’s the thing – that fear about getting pigeon-holed into something you don’t wanna do forever? I get it, because that was me. I was so convinced I was going to end up known for the wrong thing, I chose nothing, and by choosing nothing, I inadvertently chose being known for nothing at all.

If you don’t write the book, build the business, launch the course… you never end up known for anything.

Here’s the thing. You can always change your mind later. But I promise you this – if you start somewhere and find success there, you can always pivot later.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to build a business model – a course – around your core strengths, rooted in what you do best. That way, you have to pivot less.

For years, I’ve resisted bringing a copywriter on board, and yet with the rate of growth of our company, I knew I needed help. I don’t trust the words of our brand with just anybody, but my gut told me that Dusti was someone that could be trusted.

Always listen to your gut! Not only did Dusti capture the essence of French Kiss Life right out of the gate, but she did it with such professionialism. If you’re looking for a word magician, look no further.  Dusti has the wand!

Tonya Leigh

CEO & Coach, French Kiss Life

Have you ever wished that you could sit side-by-side with someone who knows the ins and outs of email marketing, website design, social media campaigns, lead magnets, and sales funnels, have them quickly identify what needs to be done, and then actually have them do it, all while checking in with you to make sure it’s all working like you need and want it to? Yes? Dusti is your woman.

She helped me identify a strong lead magnet, create the sales funnel, write some amazing autoresponder copy, tweak some stuff on my website, and bam, we were done. And my list is growing. And I am grateful.

Karen C. L. Anderson

Author, The Peaceful Daughter's Guide To Separating From A Difficult Mother

You know that moment when you don’t have to work too hard to be heard, seen, and understood?

That’s what working with Dusti is like.

A good-hearted shepherdess, safely opening up the word garden of our soul and helping you tend to it.

Yeah, that’s her magic.

Annie P. Kirk

CEO, Red Bird Restorative Gardens

How it works: You bring the ideas. I help you sort that ish out.
We’ll meet once a week live on Zoom for 4 weeks, diving deep into what makes a successful course, how to construct it effectively, and how to deliver it flawlessly.

We’ll have a private Facebook group available for questions, and I’ll host an AMA at the end of week 3. (That’s the course creation + tech implementation week. You’re welcome.)


Week One
We take stock of what you’ve got going on and where you’re at right now. This week, we focus on YOU and your areas of mastery so we can choose a course topic and format that is sustainable for you. 

Week Two Next, we’ll begin laying the groundwork for a seriously successful course. We’ll finalize your subject matter, map out your course content, and start thinking about the systems that will best serve you.
Week Three This week, we’re building out your course. Woo! We’ll talk tech, best practices, and how to automate basically everything. Think about it like funnels 101 meets your badass OBM friend going into overdrive.

Week Four Let’s talk launches, baby. Your course can be money, but without a launch strategy, you’re not going to making any. Especially with how much things have changed to do COVID-19, you have to be up to date on what’s actually working.
If it’s really this easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Well, it’s a few things.
Here are the most common reasons people get stuck and can’t get a course out.

1. They’ve tried it once and failed. (Probably when they were baby entrepreneurs.)

2. Most people never get over their imposter syndrome. (And struggle to consider themselves an expert.)

3. Folks think they need to have a big list to start. (It makes it easier, but this isn’t the end-all be-all.) 

Those things are all very real.

And I bet you’ve probably experienced at least one of them. No one wants to put a bunch of work into something – especially if it’s something they care about a LOT – and end up with little to show for it.

I speak from experience when I say nothing stings quite the way a failed launch does. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent the launching to crickets thing. (We’ll cover this.) 

Also? Imposter syndrome is a real bitch. If you’re here, I’m going to assume you’re not a grifter. If you’ve got something to say, it’s time to get brave enough to say it. If you have things to share that others can benefit from, creating a course can be a gift to those who need it. (And I’ll be here to hold your hand when shit gets hard. <3)

So. You ready to create your course already?

We start May 4th, because I’m a nerd.

Course Created

  • 4 weekly group coaching sessions
  • Workbook to help you get though the content
  • Private Facebook group access
  • AMA during week 3 to answer all of your questions
$ 397

Course Created + Course Outline Review

Everything from Course Created, PLUS

  • I’ll personally review your course outline, offer suggestions, and help you refine your concept


Course Created + 1-on-1 Coaching

Everything from Course Created, PLUS

  • Unlimited coaching during our 4 weeks together via Voxer
  • A private 1-on-1 session with me