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As we drove from my house into Portland, wave after wave of relief washed over us.

We did it. We were free – and it felt like we were getting away with something.

One of would break out into giggles for no reason at all, sending the other into a giggle fit, too. By the time we reached the restaurant in NW Portland (one we never would have dared let ourselves visit before), we were ready to enjoy every last ounce of our time away.

Lemon drops set the tone for dinner, followed by plates of exquisite, housemade butternut squash ravioli. We ate slowly, relishing the entire experience – ending it on a high note with silky panna cotta.

Finally, we made our way up to the cabin. Surrounded by darkness and cedar on top of Mt. Hood, we settled in and felt the quiet wrapping itself around us. Nina and I spent the next two days drinking prosecco in the hot tub, doing yoga, and breaking into laughter over and over again.

We could take off a few days, and the world wouldn’t end. We could take care of ourselves, and everything else would take care of itself for a bit.

After the weekend was over, I came back determined not to let my reset get left on the mountain. Ever so slowly, I started taking tiny steps towards the life I wanted.

Whether it’s a cup of coffee in early morning light or a meal out, find something to savor today.