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Nina murmured into the phone, “Dusti, if I don’t get out of here, I’m going to die.”

My best friend was hurting like I’d never seen, and this wasn’t like her. She was like me, a mom, wife, and business owner who managed to do it all, all the time, holding it together in the face of difficult circumstances.

But I knew what she meant – because I felt the exact same way. Exhausted and overwhelmed by everything in our lives, it felt like our souls were being crushed under the weight of marriages where we were taken for granted, work that never seemed to pay enough for us to get ahead, and the pressure of needing to just keep going.

It was May 2014 – and we’d finally hit our breaking point. We were desperate for breathing room, space, anything that would give us a moment’s peace.

So when she called me the next day and asked if I could escape to a cabin with her for two nights, there was only one possible answer.

My husband at the time was livid. How could I just run off like that and leave him with both kids? How dare I?

I hadn’t taken an entire night off in almost three years.

But I did it. I left with Nina, and you know what happened? The world didn’t end. The kids didn’t die (and neither did the husbands).  We could take care of ourselves, and other things would take care of themselves for a bit.

It never would have happened if one of us hadn’t said something. Who should you be reaching out to today?

Call. Text. Ask.