The Reinvention Sessions


You + Me. One hour. A way forward.


You’ve been living in the land of overwhelm. There are so many choices. The experts all tell you what you should be doing. (Of course, they can’t agree.) You are in the middle of a couple of projects you just need done, handled, and off your plate. You need to get back to where you can see the mile high view, to simplify what you’ve been doing.

And most of all? You need a plan.

I’m Dusti Arab. I’ve been working with individuals, creative small businesses, and B2B SaaS companies for years, and I’ve learned a few things in the process.

  • It doesn’t have to be so complicated.
  • Inspired ideas (and action) comes from the act of creating space.
  • You always have a choice. 

And it’s amazing how much these three simple principles can guide you back to clarity and creating exactly what you mean to. 

With The Reinvention Sessions, we choose a core topic below, and together, we’ll work towards creating a plan that fits you and your lifestyle. You’ve tried off the rack ideas, and by this point, you know you’re searching for a tailor-made solution. That’s what we’re going to work towards.

VA & OBM Education & Business Planning

After running an agency with a top notch creative team, I’ve gathered more than a few insights into the world of VAs (virtual assistants) and OBMs (online business managers).

There is a massive demand for helping people build sites, run social media, and so much more. Whether you are you trying to find your niche, uncertain of what skills you need, or figure out how to translate your current skills into strengths as a VA, I can help you create a clear path forward.

I can help you create a map of how you can create your business most effectively for where you’re at right now, as well as help you prioritize which skills will increase demand for your services.

Content Strategy + Funnel Mapping

My primary background working online has been as a writer and a marketer. I’ve created content for hundreds of companies, and I’ve designed content strategies for dozens of companies, from one-woman show launch sequences to Silicon Valley, VC-backed client education initiatives.

And all that experience can help guide how you build your next offer, website, and much more. This is a session that will keep on giving months after we’ve met.

Creating Your Big Life Change

I firmly believe that sometimes we get so stuck in our perceived reality that it can be impossibe to get out without help. That’s certainly where I’ve found myself in past lives.

But knowing that someone else has been here and can help light the way? That’s the reassurance and clarity we’re all after.

Whether it’s a sounding board to start making your escape from the 9-5 world, a hand to hold as you start to take the risks that will change everything, or the accountability to make sure you commit to this one, precious life you have, I’d love to walk with you while you’re moving forward.

What you will get:

  • A 60-minute session, which will be recorded and transcribed.
  • A visual plan detailing what we discussed and where you’re going.
  • 2 followup email check-ins to help ensure accountability.