Get a bold+brilliant brand in one day.

introducing the funnel cake fix, a one-day business building intensive with Dusti Arab of the reinvention co

So you’ve got your business idea. Maybe you’ve started making sales already. Maybe you’ve even thrown up a basic website,but times are changing – and you are ready to have an online presence that is as badass as you are.

You need a website. You need copy. You need to get your email marketing setup. And what about social media? And creating a lead magnet?

Let’s be real – there are so many tactics and things people say you need, and navigating it all is a pain.

This is the exact dilemma most of my clients have when they come to me.

They’re overwhelmed with options and decision fatigue, they’ve been stalling on releasing their best work out into the world because their online home is too messy to have guests over, and even if they have some of these pieces in place, trying to connect them all in a way that’s effective is just too much on top of trying to keep sales coming through the door.

If this sounds like where you’ve been, take a deep breath. We can get all of this in order, and it’s going to be relatively painless.

One might even say… it’s going to be a piece of cake.

Working with Dusti has been amazing! I had an idea in my head of what I wanted the vibe of my business to be, and zero skill to convey it through a website. I needed major help, a new logo, a website, and my voice to be heard. She was able to take my words, thoughts, and ideas and create not just a website, but a brand. Whatever I asked for, she was able to create it. She is a master at her craft!  She nailed it! I have all the above and more, and I love it!  Here’s the other thing that seriously kicks ass, she even created and sent tutorials on how to do things. How cool is that?! Thank you Dusti!

Patti Rantapaa

Master Life Coach, PattiRantapaa.com

funnel cake fix: website + copy + a sales funnel in one day

Launching a website shouldn’t take months. 

In fact, we can create yours in a day.

Yep. No lie. 

We can build your website, write your copy, setup your email marketing, and create your lead magnet in 8 hours flat. 

I can get all of those stray pieces you have started and scattered around the internet in order so they start doing what they are supposed to. And I can do it fast.

How? Because I do this every day for myself and my clients. I’m building websites, connecting email marketing software, ghostwriting copy, setting up automation sequences, designing logos, and a whole lotta other things.

Why? Because I’m about getting my clients what they need as efficiently as possible – and the systems I’ve built and the experience I bring to the table leave me uniquely qualified to do it all and do it all more faster than a team of creatives.

Consider me your one woman digital army – and I’m here to save the day.

I’m Dusti Arab. (Yes, really.)

I provide instant gratification for creative small business owners in the form of launch help, website creation, and basically anything internet marketing related you can think of.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been busy creating ridiculously good content and design assets for everyone from New York Times bestselling authors to your favorite cafe down the road to the latest up and comer out of Silicon Valley.

What I’ve discovered over the years is that my best work happens with people who are fired up and ready to go right now. They want it all, they want it done right, and they don’t want to have to wait and coordinate between a half dozen contractors.

That’s where I come in.

Just imagine it.

Your Instagram and Facebook posts point people to your beautiful and compelling website, which has a great free offer that of course your right person wants. So they sign up for it, and they are automagically guided into this fantastic series of emails that helps both of you get to know each other so you can help them start solving other problems they’ve got.

You’ve got the content funnel that makes saying yes to your next offer an easy and obvious yes or no. And you can have it in a day. 

No having to vet designers, copywriters, and VAs. No spending thousands of dollars to bring your vision to life.

$2500. One day. Everything you want.

Doesn’t that just take the cake?

Turns out you can have your cake and eat it, too. Sweet, right? 

These going like hot cakes. (Done with the cake idioms yet?) Book yours today.



Investment: 2500 

(Book your space with a 1000 deposit here.)


Have you ever wished that you could sit side-by-side with someone who knows the ins and outs of email marketing, website design, social media campaigns, lead magnets, and sales funnels, have them quickly identify what needs to be done, and then actually have them do it, all while checking in with you to make sure it’s all working like you need and want it to? Yes? Dusti is your woman.

She helped me identify a strong lead magnet, create the sales funnel, write some amazing autoresponder copy, tweak some stuff on my website, and bam, we were done. And my list is growing. And I am grateful.

Karen C. L. Anderson

Author, The Peaceful Daughter's Guide To Separating From A Difficult Mother

You know that moment when you don’t have to work too hard to be heard, seen, and understood?

That’s what working with Dusti is like.

A good-hearted shepherdess, safely opening up the word garden of our soul and helping you tend to it.

Yeah, that’s her magic.

Annie P. Kirk

CEO, Red Bird Restorative Gardens

For years, I’ve resisted bringing a copywriter on board, and yet with the rate of growth of our company, I knew I needed help. I don’t trust the words of our brand with just anybody, but my gut told me that Dusti was someone that could be trusted.

Always listen to your gut! Not only did Dusti capture the essence of French Kiss Life right out of the gate, but she did it with such professionialism. If you’re looking for a word magician, look no further.  Dusti has the wand!

Tonya Leigh

CEO & Coach, French Kiss Life

What do you get with a Funnel Cake Fix?

 I’m so glad you asked.

  • First and foremost, you’re getting me, my brain, and all of my skills 100% at your disposal for an entire day. Examples of what this can look like: tons of copy, a brand new website, a 30-day social media strategy with imagery, etc.
  • Two weeks of email support after the session is over. 
  • Generally, a beautifully-branded site with copy that will hook your perfect client from the first headline on.

Have you ever wished that you could sit side-by-side with someone who knows the ins and outs of email marketing, website design, social media campaigns, lead magnets, and sales funnels, have them quickly identify what needs to be done, and then actually have them do it, all while checking in with you to make sure it’s all working like you need and want it to? Yes? Dusti is your woman.

She helped me identify a strong lead magnet, created the sales funnel, wrote some amazing auto-responder copy, tweaked some stuff on my website, and bam, we were done. And my list is growing. And I am grateful.

Karen C L Anderson

Author, The Peaceful Daughter's Guide To Separating From A Difficult Mother

Hiring Dusti was one of the best business decisions I‘ve made recently. She immediately understood my vision, quickly recognized where and how her expertise could help, and then executed a plan flawlessly.

She has increased the efficiency of my business, creating more space for me to focus on the work I love. As a business owner, finding someone you can communicate well with and you can trust with your business is so important. And the peace of mind that comes along with that is invaluable. Dusti has given my business all of that and more.

Mary Ward Lupinacci

Owner/Mindful Learning Specialist, Be Still Kids

How it works

Usually? Like a charm.

  • You book your session. (If you haven’t yet and want to, we can also chat first.)
  • After you pay your deposit, I’ll send you a contract (complete with NDA and other goodies to cover both of us), your brand assessment, and some other to do’s.
  • You’ll get a few emails reminders before your Fix to make sure we have everything we need to rock our day together.
  • We do the thing, create all your assets, and knock this ish out.

On the day of your Funnel Cake Fix, it’ll go something like this:

  • 8:00am (Ish. I’ll start anytime between 6:00am-9:00am PST) Start the day with a one-hour jam session to get crystal clear on deliverables and desires.
  • 9:00am – I go into my creative hole to create things. (While you ideally go to a spa. Or cowork. People like coworking during this, too).
  • 11:00am – We check in. We check progress, identify any challenges that have come up, and adjust, if necessary.
  • 12:00pm – Lunch break! Treat yo’ self. After I pound a protein shake, I get back to it.
  • 2:30pm – We regroup for the last stretch, touch base as needed, and start finalizing the last bits and pieces.
  • 4:00pm – We rejoice, having conquered your funnel. I walk you through everything we’ve created together, make sure you understand the working parts, and are happy with where we’ve landed.

Your funnel is done. And we’re still in time for happy hour.

TL;DR: Work with Dusti. She knows everything about digital marketing and running an online business, and she’ll help you execute faster than you can say “conversions.” If there’s something you’re struggling with when it comes to your business or your brand, you need to talk to Dusti!

Daniela LaFave

SEO Specialist, DanielaLaFave.com


What can we tackle with a Funnel Day Fix?

The short answer is, “Whatever you want.”

The standard Fix looks something like this:

  • Website Design (WordPress install + a complimentary Divi valued at $89)
  • Website Copy (1000-2500 words typically)
  • Email Marketing Setup (Mailchimp or ConvertKit)
  • (If the copy isn’t too crazy long) Lead Magnet and Follow Up Emails

(Got something else in mind? Awesome. Let’s do it. The idea of this offering is it’s flexible AF. You can hire me for a day to do just about anything.)

I have some of this stuff already. Can you work with me?

Of course! Every funnel is different. You may have some of these pieces already, or none of them at all. That’s okay! I’ll meet you where you’re at. We’ll talk through the challenges of your specific project to address your major stress areas. By the end of our strategy call, we’ll have a list of your must-have items so you can rest easy knowing they are going to get taken care of.

Will you work on my site that’s built in Squarespace?

I build sites in WordPress using the Divi theme. If your site is already in Squarespace, I’ll work within the platform, but I don’t use any other website builders. (Wix makes me want to throw things.) You’re really going to be much happir longterm moving to WordPress for SEO, cost, and other reasons, but if you insist on Squarespace, yes, I’m here for you.

Do I need to be available the whole day of my Fix?

It’d be good to have your phone on you for this in case I have questions throughout the day (mostly bouncing things like logos, copy, and more off of you) but, no, you can totally have things going on, and I can make his hape. I’m WAY open to this effectively being a coworking situation – some of my best engagements have been! Or not. I can handle it. But if you’re like a lot of my clients, the extra ju-ju of knowing you’ve got a hardcore team member for a day is creative fuel like no other.

Do I need to have professional images? 

Nope. However, I do need images if you want your face on your site! True story – Most of the photos I use on my site were actually taken with my phone by a friend with a good eye. If you want a site that has big landscape shots, you’ll need to have those available for me to work with. I can find free stock images, unless you’ve got stuff you love.

Who do you best work with?

True story – my values fuel everything I do, make, and write. Surprise! For a marketer, I have a lot of things I care a lot about. Like not peddling shit. You know, like brands that capitalize on people via fear tactics, creating false scarcity, etc. If that’s your game, you should look elsewhere, because your money is no good here. So I guess you could say I work best with creative professionals who have spines and aren’t shitty humans! Thanks for asking. 

What will I have when we’re done?

It depends on what we focus on, but it could look something like this…

  • A beautiful 4 page website (Home, Work With Me, About, Contact) with a blog
  • A lead magnet integrated into your website with autoresponder emails set up and ready to roll.
  • An automated social media campaign (if that’s your jam)
  • A functioning funnel you can start using to generate leads and cashflow NOW.

And the icing on the cake? I’ll be on tap for any support questions you’ve got for two weeks after your funnel is built. Magic.

The Fix Portfolio

What can I do in a day? Take a gander. 

Dusti made a painful and intimidating process painless and fun! She was AMAZING at working with someone with little to no experience and making me feel like I run with the big dogs! She asks great questions and is able to get to know you and what you want pretty damn quick! She has a quick turnaround and produces beautiful work! I look forward to working with her more in the future! You can’t go wrong with a woman named Dusti!

Brooke Forhan

Life Coach, brookeforhan.com