Have you taken online classes that were supposed to teach you how to do shit and instead left you totally unprepared for what running a business online is actually like?

Did courses teach you marketing 101 but no real skills? 

Are you starting to get totally jaded about working online because there is so freaking much to learn and so many “experts” telling you what to do who aren’t actually teaching you how to do a goddamn thing?

Oh good. Then you can come sit by me.

Let me tell you a story about a shitty digital program.

Last year, I bought a VA (virtual assistant) training program for one of my team members to get her up to speed on the software and basics of working with creative businesses online I needed her to know. The only problem was the course, which was the only moderately useful looking one I found, was total garbage. It barely taught the basics, let alone the skills I actually needed her to have.

While on the inside of a Facebook group associated with this course, I saw a woman who was so excited because she had gotten her first client – awesome! – who she was so thrilled to work for… for free.

You just paid hundreds of dollars for a course that is suppose to prepare you for a career as a VA, and you’re excited over working for free? I was so incredulous that I made a joke and said, “If you all want to work for free, I’ve got PLENTY of work.”

I had over 30 people reach out to me to work for no money.

I was speechless. I couldn’t believe this program left these people so inadequately trained that they were jumping at the chance to work for no pay.

So I took the first 20 people and created a free VA internship program where they could practice skills in an actual working environment. About 13 of them made it through the program, and you know what astounded me?

These women were brilliant.

They had master’s degrees, worked for investment firms, had 20 years of experience in PR, and more – and yet they were so anxious and uncertain about how to proceed as VAs simply because they hadn’t been properly trained.

So I trained them. And I even hired some of them later.

I took everything we did in that course and expanded on it, but I still wasn’t quite happy with it. It didn’t drill down the entire methodology I’ve been creating to build brands with over the past several years. 

After reorganizing my business earlier this year, it finally hit me what was special about the work that I do, and it was the one thing about my business that had always bothered me. 

I’m a world-class generalist.

By managing the brand building process from end to end, creating all the content and design, connecting all the pieces of software, and being there if an emergency came up, I was really good at making my clients’ lives easier.

It was a solid concept, but something was still missing. The thing that saved me many an early morning AP English class – my super secret weapon.

How freaking fast my turnaround is.

Now, let me tell ya – I’m an A+ procrastinator.

I will guaranteed wait till the last second to finish something. So what if instead of holding on to projects longer… I created all of the assets for a project in one day?

It was so crazy it just might work.

That’s when the Funnel Cake Fix was born.

One brand in one day. 

After completing 50+ Fixes over the past few months, creating dozens of websites, and writing thousands of words, I’ve documented, distilled, and structured our process so you can do the same.

The Funnel Cake Fix Method is everything I know about effective marketing and business systems in one program – and if you go through it, you can do what I do.

You can build an entire brand in a day.

Whether you want to steal my concept, uplevel your VA game, or BYOB (build your own brand), The Funnel Cake Fix Method will get you on the fastpass to funnel mastery, not to mention website design skills, copywriting chops, and more. 


The Funnel Cake Fix Method

Online business management and marketing training for really smart people who want to leave a course with actual skills and hate sleazy online marketing

Course breakdown:

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to funnels
  • Explaining our funnel pieces
  • Basic website and WordPress setup guide: Dreamhost
  • How to customize your WordPress theme: Divi
  • Creating and crafting your brand’s style
  • Honing in your brand voice 
  • Getting started with email marketing: Mailchimp
  • Getting started with email marketing: ConvertKit
  • How to setup email marketing automation: Mailchimp
  • How to setup email marketing automation: ConvertKit
  • How to create an effective lead magnet
  • Introduction to landing pages
  • Creating effective landing pages
  • How to build and design landing pages: Instapage
  • How to sell products: Shopify
  • How to get paid: Paypal, Stripe.
  • Connecting all the dots: putting the funnel together
  • How to stay organized: Dubsado, Calendly
  • Basic business systems: the things I do to keep the doors open
  • Resources

Sound like exactly what you’ve been looking for?


You can get access to the course content a few ways.

1. Buy a module!

I broke up some of the content into skill-specific modules so you can learn what you need most right now.

Each module has two programs it specializes in to get you what you need and get out. 

2. Buy the whole course!

You get it all. Every module, video, and worksheet described in the table of contents is yours. You have lifetime access to the content, and it comes with a complimentary 3-month subscription to the reinvention co unlimited

3. Buy the course + a year-long subscription to the reinvention co unlimited

Wait, there’s more? You bet your boots there is.

Software is constantly changing. Staying on the cutting edge is how you stay ahead of the game – innovative, in the know, and ridiculously employable/hireable.

The Reinvention Co Unlimited is the membership that helps you do exactly that.

  • First, you get access to our private Facebook group. This is where you can ask questions, help each other, and make sure you’re getting the most out of the course content.
  • Every month, we’ll release a new video/screencast for a piece of software that you use in your business. Finally, with a monthly Q&A, you’re going to get the support you need to make sure you’re maximizing you and your clients’ web presences.

Available Modules

Mailchimp + Creating effective landing pages

ConvertKit + Instapage 

Dreamhost + Divi