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You need support. If your life is a mess, it’s going to be really difficult to hold space for other people. If you’re not taking care of yourself, it’s going to feel impossible to keep taking care of others.

You need systems. You need a smooth delivery system for your people to receive the course content. Once they pay, it should be a seamless experience getting started with you and what you’ve set out to teach them.

You need phenomenal content. The right content at the right time is imperative to keep your people engaged.

For almost everyone I work with, the content isn’t the issue. At least not their course content. Usually, it’s a lack of clarity around what to post on social media leading up to a launch. How can I be engaging while being authentic? What do I need to communicate to those considering the course? How can I make sure it’s a great fit for both of us?

No more flopped launches. No more incomplete content. No more systems that break down while you’re trying to onboard your course takers and clients.

The people I work with refused to be boxed in or limited by titles. 

Maybe you’ve felt like the standard life path was not for you. Buuut I imagine it’s a little more extreme than that, right?

Let’s say you gave it a try. If you’re like me, you’ve ended up leaving it all at the door, burning it all down, walking out of their job – you get the picture. If you have ever gone into work one day been so depressed you couldn’t force yourself to show up the next day, come sit by me. 

I work with people who are actively working through and with mental illness. I’m not a therapist, but as someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, those are both things that I have intimate experience dealing with myself, and I’m happy to work alongside you as you continue that journey.

Every week builds on to the previous week. Especially the first two weeks are critical to keep coming back to!

The course outline

Week One: Support

During week one, we’ll identify the places where you’ve fallen down before and start taking action to fill those gaps. From fitness to finances, no topic is off limits – and we’re going to get real real real fast to increase your capacity to handle the goodness coming your way. 

Week Two: Systems

Without the right systems in place, you’re not going to be able to create the seamless structure you want for your course participants. My team and I will be available to answer any and all tech questions you’ve got. 

Week Three: Content

Never be left wondering what to write again. Confidently write in your voice – and stop worrying what everyone else thinks. With a bonus instructor this week to help you dig into what it means to create fantastic content your people are eager to devour, come ready to speak your truth and put every damn word of it in writing.

Week Four: Content, continued. 

This week, we’ll create your marketing and communications plan. We’ll talk through every piece of content you’ll need to create in order to have a smooth launch from Instagram to webinars to getting off your platform to grow your following, as well as additional pieces to have on hand as you build up to your biggest launch yet

Week Five: Structuring your offer 

What to charge, pricing models, group coaching vs. membership, evergreen or limited time only – this is where tons of entrepreneurs get held up in getting their big idea idea out there. We’re going to cover all the nuts and bolts of building an offer that makes sense for you and your business, eliminate the noise, and create something sustainable. 

Week Six: Launch

How do you launch without burning out or losing your mind? What do you do when you launch to crickets? How do you navigate a tech meltdown? All your burning questions get answered in our module on launching, where we’ll cover 

My commitment to you: I will hold space for you and this group. I will help you identify your obstacles and partner with you to figure out ways to make them disappear. By the time you’ve wrapped up this course, you’ll be completely, confidently prepared to launch your signature program.

Sound incredible? (Buy now.)

Why me? Why this program? 

Because I’ve been helping build out programs and companies using this method that have made millions. Here’s the skinny: I specialize in working with mission-driven women who know they need better systems and support to create the life and business they want.

At my day job, I’m VP of marketing for a cannabis and CBD company. I’ve been working in content marketing for the past ten years. From social media to copywriting to design, I’ve done it all – and I understand how to create sustainable systems that keep a content engine running and an entrepreneur doing what they love, instead of getting caught in the weeds with tech or perfectionism.

Is this you?

My work – and my style – is not for everyone.

People who like working with me tend to:

  • Feel like they’ve spent a lot of time on the outside looking in
  • Have a strong rebel vibe (Double Aquarius here, yo)
  • Already have achieved a certain level of success, usually in the face of adversity that will make jaws drop
  • Experience high-functioning anxiety and/or depression
  • Be socially liberal in a way that actually counts for something
  • Have a vice that only makes you more interesting

What do you get

– 6 weeks of group coaching calls

VIP – includes 2 1-on-1 sessions 

*** Early bird bonus: Sign up today and get access to my library of tech tutorials, including Mailchimp, Divi, and many others ***

Investment – 497 – basic, 997 – VIP

Working with Dusti has been amazing! I had an idea in my head of what I wanted the vibe of my business to be, and zero skill to convey it through a website. I needed major help, a new logo, a website, and my voice to be heard. She was able to take my words, thoughts, and ideas and create not just a website, but a brand. Whatever I asked for, she was able to create it. She is a master at her craft!  She nailed it! I have all the above and more, and I love it!  Here’s the other thing that seriously kicks ass, she even created and sent tutorials on how to do things. How cool is that?! Thank you Dusti!

Patti Rantapaa
Master Life Coach, PattiRantapaa.com