welcome to the reinvention co


We build brands for world-changing companies – who happen to be cannabis businesses.

We tend to work with women who love weed, people who care a lot about social justice, and people who support sustainability initiatives who also happen to think the cannabis industry can do better than stoner culture. 

Why? Because companies with bro-hard cultures owned by douchebag white guys making a money grab are old news. 

what we we do

  • Brand strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Website creation
  • Email marketing
  • Full-service integrated launch strategies and campaign management

tl;dr we can handle your entire online marketing funnel,  just ask.

what we stand for

Transparency. Integrity is non-negotiable. Pursuing truth is the only path worth being on.

Audacity. You use your voice. You speak out. You take a stand, apologize when you’re wrong, and you keep doing it over and over again.

Reinvention. Because you can always start over. 

Community. We acknowledge we aren’t all dealt an even hand – and that’s why we’re here to build each other up, make good art, and create opportunities for each other. 

The Essentials. We believe in minimalism, in stripping away the unnecessary to find the truth of the matter. We believe in simplicity, brands that use ingredients you can say, and cutting out what doesn’t serve us. 


THE REINVENTION CO is a project by Dusti Arab.

Dusti Arab is a brand strategist specializing in content marketing for cannabis brands. An Amazon bestselling author, she is the CEO of Cannabis Bakeshop & Co. and serves as Director of Operations at Oov Magazine. Find her on Instagram. Learn more about her here.