Welcome to the reinvention co


There’s something different about you. 

People can’t quite put their finger on it, but there’s just something there that is both tantalizing… and terrifying.

The status quo desires conformity. Predicability. And you, my friend, are here to burn it down.

Maybe you lost everything. Maybe you burned it to the ground.

Only one thing is certain – you’re here for more.

You have dangerous thoughts of going rogue. Disappearing. Going off grid. Quitting. Reappearing on stages. Leaving. Becoming someone entirely different. Never coming back. Change is calling

And there’s so much you can change. Your hair. Your clothes. Your job (or business). Your relationship. Where you live.

None of these things are permanent – the only thing that is comes down to the deep, integral pieces of who you are. Your values. Your heart.

You desire revolution and a way of being you have perhaps had glimpses of, but you haven’t been able to hold on to. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, you know you’re here for something the status quo can’t even imagine. And finding your way out? 

That’s your next adventure.

Whether your way out is your business, the way you raise a family, creating a community, choosing unconventional relationships, or any number of things, you’re here to live your one, precious life without the approval of anything or anyone else.

THE REINVENTION CO is here for you while you build the business that you’ve dreamt of, an agency for the unconventional.  

What we stand for

Transparency. You’re more afraid of a life half-lived than of anyone finding you out. You commit to truth no matter the cost. 

Audacity. You use your voice. You speak out. You take a stand, apologize when you’re wrong, and you keep doing it over and over again.

Reinvention. Because you can always start over. 

Community. We are the water cooler for unconventional lifestyles, living, and loving. We acknowledge we aren’t all dealt an even hand – and that’s why we’re here to build each other up, make good art, and create opportunities for each other. 

The Essentials. We believe in minimalism, in stripping away the unnecessary to find the truth of the matter – and removing objects is often a way to remove obstacles in our lives.


THE REINVENTION CO is a project by Dusti Arab.

See the portfolio and learn more about her here.